Living in an extraordinary new home isn’t just your dream.
It’s our dream too.
It’s why we are in business today.

"It was always my dream to start a construction company that had one goal in mind: doing things right,” says owner Brian Hoodjer. “The values we live by are trust, integrity and transparency. We believe that our customers value these same things. We take pride in offering innovative building options that will satisfy the customer’s goals."

Experience and Knowledge

Brighton Homes intentionally remains a small company, so we can focus and provide attention to every detail of the construction process. Brian maintains a relationship with the customer and each job by being at the job site and ensuring the highest standards and control of every element.

Transparency That Builds Trust

Unlike some home builders, Brighton Homes will provide a comprehensive and accurate quote for your new home. We will cover and include every detail, so you won’t have any surprises as the project moves along. You can trust in the work we will deliver and in what your final budget will be. Because transparency is important to you and to us, we fully disclose invoice copies of all related building components and sub-contracted services.

Meet Your Crew

Brian Hoodjer
Brian Hoodjer

Brian has been in the construction business for 21 years. He started his first construction company in the Des Moines area in 2007 and his company became Brighton Homes in 2013. Brian is currently serving as the President of the Home Builders Association of Des Moines.

As the business owner, Brian spends time in the office taking care of the typical business management activities, but frequently he can be found on the job site helping to get done what needs to be done.

If he could do one thing all day long, he would trim. “That is my passion, that’s where I come from. I would hang cabinets, make a built-in or a fireplace mantel. If I could pick one thing, that is what I would do all day.”

“I think a lot of things go into an extraordinary home. The decision about two years ago, to employ people that actually do the physical labor in the home was the first step. I felt like having our own staff to do the framing portion and the trim portion took away a lot of the worry. These are two of the most important factors in a new home. From my perspective, extraordinary means it's more than just a means to an end. At the end of the day, it’s a legacy. I want to be able to drive my son by a project that we completed when he is old enough to understand, and I want it to look as good that day as the day we built it.

“When you walk into a home that we have built, it feels different. It feels like there’s been more put into it. More care, more time, the little touches and attention to details then you would see in most houses you walk into. That defines extraordinary to me—when it just feels different when you walk in.

“Obviously, a happy customer is the end goal. A happy customer when we turn over the keys, but also five years from now. We get to be pretty good friends with the customers we build for. It can become a long process when you consider the time from design to construction through the warranty process.

 “It can be an 18-month to two-year process and we are talking often, so you need to like your builder. Obviously, budget and price are important. But having someone with a good relationship and one you can trust allows the rest to fall in line.

“When it comes to making sure we are taking the steps to make an extraordinary home, the fortunate thing for me is, I’m blessed to have the employees I have. I don’t have to beat quality into the guys every day. They show up and they care about what they do every day. Which is why having employees has been very rewarding for me. It's not like I need to tell them what I expect for quality. They just get it. They care, and they want to do their best every day on the jobsite.”

Favorite childhood toy: "My first remote control truck, I played with it until it fell apart."

Favorite tool: "The skill saw because I like cutting things. On the trim side, my favorite tool is the router because it can do some really cool things."

Justin Althaus
Justin Althaus

“At the end of the day, its seeing what we accomplished. When we leave it’s a house that is going to be somebody’s home. It’s where they grow a family and where they build their memories. I like knowing that out of my role, I have contributed to the biggest part of what will be stories and memories for people down the road. It’s about knowing that I helped build something that is somebody’s forever or possibly something they will pass along to somebody else.

“To make an extraordinary home, I focus on precision and making things right. I guess it sounds cliché, and I suppose everyone always says that, but for me it really is. I’ve been doing it so long, it’s my passion. I have five guys to oversee and make sure they are doing things to my standards. It really is making sure everything is the best it can be, that’s what we do. We focus on building the best house we can.”

Justin has been in the construction business for 18 years full-time and part-time for five years prior to that. He has been worked with Brian since 2012.

Justin is the project foreman and in a typical day he leads the framing crew and goes where he is needed including to assist in bidding, plans and visiting with customers about their needs. But, his favorite thing to do is put on his toolbelt and build houses.

“Some people get up and go to work every day, just because they have to. I actually get up and go to work because I enjoy the work I do every day. If I could do one thing all day long, I would probably be doing lay-out work. I enjoy marking walls, windows or I would set trusses all day.

“My advice to people thinking about building a new home, don’t be afraid to spend money up front to make sure they get the best in quality and spend a little more to include the things that will last for many years. Don’t just find the cheapest items you can find.”

His favorite toy as a kid: “My little Tonka dump truck.”

Favorite tool: The multi-tool

Mike Huber
Mike Huber

Mike has been working with Brian for four years and has over 19 years of construction experience. He does a bit of everything: laying out walls, building walls, installing siding and installing windows--pretty much any part of the project.

"We keep a clean jobsite and that is a big thing for us. It helps with safety and demonstrates how well we take care of things.

“I take the time to make sure that I do things right the first time. It may take a little longer, but then it is done right. I double-check my work, making sure that walls are plumb, for example. For me, the end result has to be perfect.

“For me, building stairways or doing the intricate work, doing the more detail work helps to get my mind going. I like to do all the thinking things.

“At the end of the day, I am rewarded by seeing something that I did with my own two hands and some tools. We are building people’s dream homes and they are excited and that is what keeps me coming back every day. That is rewarding. I love what I do, and I love building things. It’s like being a kid and building with Legos, it is fun.”

Favorite childhood toy: Legos

Favorite tool: The nail gun

Matt Seago
Matt Seago

“I have been doing construction for eight years and have worked with Brighton for two years. Brian is on the site a lot more than others I have worked for. He is actually on site doing the work. Rather than just saying, ‘this is what needs done, do it’ he says, ‘this is what needs done, let’s do it.’ It’s a little more personal touch, I think.

“We take a little more time to make sure that everything is just perfect. We make sure walls are perfectly plumb and perfectly level—all those extra little steps that others may breeze by. I like to see the finished product. It is really cool to see the progress on a daily basis.”

For Matt, work includes building walls, setting windows, sheathing the house, and roof sheathing. He does a variety of things on the site which is what he enjoys the most in working with Brighton Homes.

Favorite childhood toy: Ninja Turtles

Favorite tool: The nail gun

Andy Kinder
Andy Kinder

“We have our own framing crew. We have our own trim crew. As far as a house being sound, it is the framing that makes a lot of difference and the finish work. People see that every time they come in. The way I look at it is, if a builder is meticulous about the framing and very meticulous about the trim, which we are, that translates to everybody else involved in the project being on the same page as Brian or else he wouldn’t have them there.

“My focus is fit and finish--it is absolutely perfect when we walk away from it. No matter whether it is hanging a door, casing a window, or building our own newel post and cabinets. Ours has a higher level of craftsmanship. We hone our craft. After 27 years, it is not routine any day. I always give them really good work.”

Andy has been doing construction since 1991. He has been with Brighton for three years. In a typical day, he strives to get the customer exactly what they want. Andy does all the staircase work, fireplace built-ins, cabinetry, curved hand-rails and a lot of the specialty items.

Favorite childhood toy: John Deere tractors

Favorite tool: My level. “You can’t do anything if you aren’t level or plumb.”

Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright

Tyler has worked for Brighton Homes for over a year and has over 13 years of construction experience.
“I really like working for Brian. He is the type of person who works hard on relationships. There is also an expectation of quality and doing things right. I enjoy being able to see the finished product that was done using the highest quality standards and it was done in a timely manner. I try very hard to do things right the first time and do things to the best of my abilities.”

On a daily basis, customers will find Tyler doing wall construction, siding, roof sheathing or just a bit of anything and everything.

Favorite childhood toy: Fishing pole

Favorite tool: Worm drive

Josh Pritchard
Josh Pritchard

Josh has been working with Brighton Homes for three years. Prior to that, he had three years of building custom cabinetry.

“I love it. It comes to me naturally. We do all sorts of interior and exterior custom trim and finish work. What I enjoy the most is the custom work and seeing the finished product. I can walk away from seeing something that looks magnificent and know that my name is on it. Sometimes we get involved in the design and it is a benefit when we can work with the designers to provide input and help make the final project work.

“Everything is in the detail. I can’t walk away from something that is just okay, I need to be happy with it and that means having attention to detail.”

Josh believes having good communication and being easy to work with are qualities of a good builder.

Favorite childhood toy: A football or baseball

Favorite tool: Track saw

David Althaus
David Althaus

David has ten years of construction experience and started with Brighton Homes in 2016.

“Brian is an easy-going boss, but at the same time he is very disciplined. He has a strict set of business ethics and strong personal morals that I agree with.

“All of us are trained quite well and are able to do a variety of roles on the job site. I do a bit of everything. I am constantly reviewing things and am constantly asking questions to make sure I am doing what is expected for the specific customer. Brian has very specific ways of how he wants to have things done.

“I love working with my hands and I love building things. I think it is in our family blood. My dad was in construction.”

David believes as a building company, and as employees, they work very hard to provide exactly what the customer requests for their new home.

Favorite childhood toy: Books

Favorite tool: Titanium hammer